“Cherishing our Heritage”

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Pat and I have been collecting, restoring, and selling antique and vintage home furnishing for many years.  Here are photos of several antique and vintage clocks currently in our collection.  Most everything has been carefully restored in our shop.

Vintage restored reproduction battery-operated mantle clock. 

SESSIONS FLAT TOP WOODEN MANTEL CLOCK IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION, STRIKES ON THE HALF AND ON THE HOUR, IT MEASURES 9 3/4" WIDE, 9 1/2" TALL AND 5 1/2" DEEP, THE CLOCK WAS ADJUSTED, cleaned and lubricated AND KEEPS GOOD TIME.  Hour strike sounds similar to the strike of a typical grandfather's clock.  

Howard Miller walnut grandfathers clock purchased 1997 (not antique). 

Handmade wall clock with replacement movement. 

Octagonal wall clock with replacement movement. (one of two similar clocks)

Repurposed antique radio speaker converted to mantle clock with a new clock insert.

Oak school clock with replacement movement.


Walnut shelf clock with replacement movement alongside a "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil" lamp.

Vintage Waterbury wall clock with brass adornments.