“Cherishing our Heritage”

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Pat and I have been collecting, restoring, and selling antique and vintage home furnishing for many years.  Here are photos of several antique and vintage lamps currently in our collection.  Most everything has been carefully restored in our shop.

Very unusual and eye-catching restored vintage wooden spindle floor lamp with cast iron base and shade consisting of repurposed green blown bubble glass globe flower design. 

Restored vintage wooden mahogany table lamp with original hardware including double bulb receptacles with colonial-style pull chains.  This unusual lamp measures 21 inches tall by 7 inches wide.  Height is adjustable. It comes with a Tiffany-style stained glass lamp shade Floral 16" shade topped by a wonderful antique finial.

Antique Mantle Lamp Co Off-White Glass Small Round Table Lamp Base Vintage Beige with small Tiffany Style Leaded Stained Glass Lamp Shade 5" Tall.

Restored vintage cast iron table lamp. It comes with a vintage painted wooden shade.

NEW 3 1/4" fitter Amber Brain Glass Art Deco Ball Globe Table Lamp Shade atop vintage cast iron table lamp base.

A charming reproduction and repurposed jelly bean dispenser.  Note that the lamp fixture came from the vintage iron "chicken" table lamp shown in the next photo below. 

Vintage iron table lamp base with French hurricane style shade which has recently been swapped out with a plaid fabric shade.

"One of a kind" restored unique vintage mahogany inlaid table lamp with rare prong style wooden harp.   Perched atop the lamp is gold to caramel-colored

Metal "Silverton" clarinet repurposed as a table lamp.  Can be reverted back to a playable instrument in less than five minutes. 

Vintage "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil" table lamp.  Just precious!

Vintage Brass Hurricane Lamp Light Glass Chimney Globe Table Nautical.  16" tall to brass tip, 5" square base, heavy

Repurposed "one of a kind" tall table lamp born from the marriage of a newer amber glass urn base and chandelier that has been rewired and fitted with LED bulbs.  Perfect for a back porch!