“Cherishing our Heritage”

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One of two chars purchased at a Hattiesburg, MS antique and flea market store.

Removing old upholstery including jute webbing and decayed leather upholstery material.

Next, the removal of the chair seat coil springs, webbing and stuffing material.

Stripped down chair ready for replacement of partially missing front leg as noted in the photo.

Shaping and sanding the epoxy glued missing portion of the front leg of one of the chairs.  

Installation of chair bottoms and back slats is complete.  Next comes refinishing.

Completion of refinishing and installation of high-density foam cushioning for seats and backs of each chair.   Blue foam for backs cut from a discarded yoga matt.

Installation of cotton batting and faux leather upholstery started. 

Jute webbing material added to improve overall seat firmness and stability.  Additionally, cotton batting was added prior to installing the faux leather upholstery.

Backrest upholstery installed including the use of bronze decorator tacks.  Faux leather upholstery material stapled in place.

The final result is two very comfortable and stylish extra high back dining room chairs.  Perfect addition to our dining room which can now seat eight.