“Cherishing our Heritage”

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Our first attempt at reupholstering an antique rocking chair. Gone are the obsolete coil springs and stuffing. High-density foam works wonders! I tend to resist restoring a true antique. Sadly, the original seat had become so severely deteriorated that total restoration was waranted.

Original unrestored rocking chair.

Removal of old upholstery begins

Next, the removal of all the old springs and stuffing. 

Stripped down frame ready to be refinished. 

Replacement solid wood chair bottom in place.  Chair ready for refinishing. 

Refinishing completed. High-density foam installed instead of reinstalling the original ineffective coil springs.

Layered jute webbing over foam rubber for added stability.

Cotton batting in place followed by installation of the new upholstery fabric purchased locally.



(1) Watched many youtube video in order. to learn the basics of upholstering. 

(2) Purchased an electric staple gun which is essential for this kind of work.

(3) Imperative to use high-density foam for firm seating.

(4) Always a struggle to decide on appropriate fabric design.