A wide difference of opinion exists on the need for restoration. Some will dismiss the process as being too costly, time-consuming and unwarranted especially for items older than 100 years and valued for their historical significance. At Final Touch Antiques, etc. we typically purchase items that we consider appropriate for restoration in order to enhance their beauty, extend their useful life and, increase their value.   As such, we typically give our "Final Touch" to our acquisitions. 

Sometimes it makes sense to restore pieces to their former beauty. However, improper antique restoration can decrease or even destroy the value of some pieces.  Final Touch Antiques, etc. adheres to this policy.  We carefully evaluate all acquired pieces in order to decide to what extent each item is to be restored in our shop.  Click restoration process to learn more about our approach to restoration.

Check out the photo montage below to see for yourself the dramatic results that can be achieved when an old piece of furniture is properly restored.